Thursday, July 21, 2011

hello 117

Yep, that was our heat index today. And let me tell you, I felt every last degree of it. Tomorrow, it is supposed to "cool off" to 90 or so. Oddly enough, I am really looking forward to that. :) :)

Points of interest over the last few days....

  • Had to visit the doctor on Tuesday. Again, she was not pleased that I only gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks. Also, she continues to think I am measuring smaller than average/what is expected. If she would read my chart and listen to me, she might remember that the same.exact.thing happened when I was pregnant with Delaney and all was well. However, numbers she makes me have another ultrasound to check on fluid levels and baby growth. Which I had today, and assume all was well, even though the tech was quite tight-lipped about telling me anything about my baby. Other than the fact that he is definitely a boy. Thanks lady. Although, strangely enough, the ultrasound may have well been the highlight of my day since I got to spend 2+ hours in air conditioning what with the drive and all. Hehe. :) :)
  • I no longer have ankles. Just saying. :P
  • Getting ready for Delaney's little party. Just need to pick up some drinks tomorrow, and the cake, of course. Maybe some balloons. She got a cute little birthday outfit from Gymboree last night (from sweet friends), perhaps some pics forthcoming.
  • My birthday happens to be the day after D's. Again, no big plans. Last year, I spent it in the hospital. This year, I am hoping for a little Taco Bell and cheesecake. And a little spending money. I'm pretty low maintenance. Well, probably just when I'm nine months pregnant, but still...... ;)
  • Ummmmm, nothing else too exciting, unless you want to hear about how I slept in the dining room on an air mattress last night. And how the fan has become my BFF. :) :)

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