Friday, July 15, 2011

a house full of sickies

Yep, that's what we are. Hence the reason for the unplanned hiatus. One of these days, we will all be well. At least that's what I tell myself. Ha!! :) :)

So here's the short list of happenings....

  • Sweet friends brought us an extra freezer. Been wanting one for a while, debating on cost. It will be great. I know church people plan to fill it with meals for when baby B is born. Also, it will be great to have the option of freezing homemade baby food as well as milk for baby B.
  • Babykins #1 has launched into the world of self-mobility. Well, mobility on two appendages as opposed to four. Yes, she has taken steps!! And continues to do so every day. Kinda funny, because I normally think she looks (and feels!! Ah my back!!) pretty big, but when she's walking by herself, she looks so tiny.
  • Playskool Push 'n' Stack Gears is a great toy. Just saying.
  • Babykins #1 turns the big numero uno next weekend. Planning a little shindig of sorts for friends and family. Nothing spectacular. I'm not sure I'll even be up to ANYTHING, but we can't let the occasion go unnoticed just because Mama is 9 months pregnant. :) :) So hopefully all the sickies will be gone by then. I haven't slept in going on a week and it's getting a little old. Yeah yeah, I know, prep for a new baby and all that. But I COULD use more than a couple hours in the meantime.


  1. aww I would totally make her a cake if I were there! wish I could see the sweet girl walking - make sure to get video. oh and call sometime soon - I am in need of a sister chat! :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better today! Wow--wish I could see her walking--hope she has a great birthday on your anniversary and that you also have a terrific birthday! Love you!