Friday, September 23, 2011

you know you have a toddler when....

  • All your lower shelves are either empty or filled with toys that little people are allowed to touch.
  • You say "NO" approximately 6212 times daily.
  • You have learned to shove the candy in your mouth while offering the littler person a carrot. She then thinks she is eating the same thing as you!! :)
  • Your neatly lined up shoes by the front door are in a big pile in the dining room by noon.
  • The toilet seat in the hall bathroom has no less than 10 pacifiers sitting on it.
  • Your cats actually don't mind being swatted by you or even bathed because it is preferable to the torture induced by the little person.
  • Your coffee table currently resides in the middle of the office instead of in the family room because a little person has banged her mouth on it one too many times.
  • You have board books in your house and they are BENT.
  • Giggling turns to crying and then back to giggling in about 4.27 seconds flat.
  • You have run after the little person yelling "we do NOT eat dishwasher tablets!!"
  • You find yourself wondering HOW BORING your life must have been before little people entered it.


  1. yes indeed. and then you have two toddlers. and the fun just multiplies. and then three. and you wonder what on earth you did with just one. :) and some toddlers push the buttons way more than others.
    heehee I am imagining Delaney's antics now. . .