Saturday, June 25, 2011

I guess this is what the $$ is for....

Every month, we pay X number of dollars to some company for the use of our water heater. It is a number of dollars that I think is excessive, but what do you do. We're not going to live in this house forever, so buying our own heater right now is not really a smart option. So we rent it from this company for an exorbitant amount of money.

Last night, James went to shave before going to work and there was no hot water. He thought maybe it was because I was rinsing dishes downstairs (in cold water apparently, who knew!). But nope, there was no hot water to be found anywhere in the house. No shaving. However DID they do it in the old days?? :) :)

James went to work. I thought about the possibility of no hot shower in the morning. Not very appealing, especially given the much cooler temps around here as of late. So I called the 24-hour hotline around 10pm. After shamelessly admitting to the lady on the phone that I basically know NOTHING about water heaters except there were some lights flashing on the temperature control panel and they probably weren't supposed to be. :) :) She arranged for a serviceman to come this morning between 8am and noon. Said serviceman showed up at 8:30am, water heater fixed by 9:30am, life is good again.

And I guess THAT is why we have to pay that X number of dollars. :) :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

rainy Friday (and every other day)

So the weather has been a bit wacky this year. But that's Canada for ya. The end of May was hot hot HOT, close to scorching at times, and I wondered how I would make it through another couple months of pregnancy. Not to worry, because June has rolled around with spring-like temps, even cool at times. We even had a few nights where the temperature dropped so low that a few of the plants in the garden died, never to be revived again. :(

Anyways, the last few days have been full of rain. All kinds -- showers, drizzle, pouring, thunderstorms. Yep, we got it all, and I'm pretty sure I managed to be out and about during every.single.thunderstorm.

Today was a bit of a nothing day. Yesterday, Delaney and I went grocery shopping in the middle of one of the storms -- always a fun task. :) :) I was blending up some baby food for her last night, and feeling a little saddened that she doesn't need very much of that anymore. She's happier when she can feed herself, and I'm pretty sure she is happiest while shoving her mouth full of food. Aren't we all?? :) :) She turned 11 months old yesterday, don't even know how that's possible. Mama is starting to try to think about what to do for the BIG birthday. Since I will be ten days from my next due date at that time, I'm thinking low-key, but I really don't want her birthday to get overlooked either. Decisions decisions....

And YES, you were paying attention -- that basically WAS a post all about *nothing*. :) :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

...and baby makes four...

So my old blog just didn't feel right anymore. It seemed more about our early married life, when I was working and had not a care in the world beyond the price of gas and sales at Michael's.

Ok, maybe not quite. But still. We have a family now -- a beautiful baby girl, and a baby boy due to join us in late July/early August. Our dynamics have changed -- for the better -- and I thought perhaps my blog should as well. I wasn't writing on the other one anyways. No promises on this one, either, but we shall see.

This will be our story -- the good, the bad, the funny, the serious, the dramatic, the boring, the beautiful, the ugly..... Family of FOUR. Has a nice ring to it. We are very much looking forward to our new addition coming in just 5-6 weeks. Granted, I was not *always* super excited about it, but I'll probably post about that in a later entry.

For now, I will leave you with a (somewhat) recent picture of our babykins #1, the star of the show -- for now. :) :)