Tuesday, December 20, 2011

words that come out of my daughter's mouth

Just for my records' sake.... :) :) And because it's so cute. Here is a list of the words my almost-17-month-old daughter is currently saying.

  • Mommy (my favorite!!)
  • Daddy
  • puppy (for any four-legged creature)
  • hot
  • Harry (the name of our cat who died in October -- she thinks all cats are named Harry, so she calls our other cat that as well :)
  • cracker (for any food)
  • uh-oh
  • baby/bebe (for little brother)
  • Papa
  • hi/bye
  • car
  • poopy (said while pointing at her diaper)
  • yucky (so cute, she always makes a face when she says it!)

ETA: ones I forgot..... :) :)

  • nana (banana)
  • kwirl (for squirrel)
  • guck (stuck)
  • bobby (not exactly sure what this is in reference to, but she says it a lot :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

my little buddy

Gone too soon......miss you, bud!!!
April 2, 2007 -- October 15, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

you know you have a toddler when....

  • All your lower shelves are either empty or filled with toys that little people are allowed to touch.
  • You say "NO" approximately 6212 times daily.
  • You have learned to shove the candy in your mouth while offering the littler person a carrot. She then thinks she is eating the same thing as you!! :)
  • Your neatly lined up shoes by the front door are in a big pile in the dining room by noon.
  • The toilet seat in the hall bathroom has no less than 10 pacifiers sitting on it.
  • Your cats actually don't mind being swatted by you or even bathed because it is preferable to the torture induced by the little person.
  • Your coffee table currently resides in the middle of the office instead of in the family room because a little person has banged her mouth on it one too many times.
  • You have board books in your house and they are BENT.
  • Giggling turns to crying and then back to giggling in about 4.27 seconds flat.
  • You have run after the little person yelling "we do NOT eat dishwasher tablets!!"
  • You find yourself wondering HOW BORING your life must have been before little people entered it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

neglecting the blog...

Ahhh yes, it has come to that again. Three weeks or so between posts. I won't say I try really hard to keep it up. :) :) But I kinda try. I think about what I'd like to write a lot. Like a lot a lot, but it rarely gets beyond the thinking stage. And I hate typing one-handed, so by the time I get a kid set down/sleeping/whatever, there are more pressing things that I want to do with my two free hands -- like eat!! Or shower!! Or maybe even get dressed.

Life is busy, steady, crazy, fun. I generally think I have the two-kid thing down. Haha. :) :) So what have we been doing??

  • Callum is almost two months old now and starting to be much more aware of life. He loves to watch the mobile in Delaney's crib. He sleeps pretty well at night, but doesn't much care for sleeping in a bed, so most nights he is in his carseat. I am hoping to break him of that soon, because it's not a great long-term arrangement. But for now, we are both getting better sleep than when he wanted to sleep with me every night. He will generally sleep a 6-7 hour stretch, wake up and eat, and then back to sleep for 3-ish more hours. I can't complain!! Also, yesterday, for the first time, he was able to take a bottle of pumped milk, which makes my life so much easier. Obviously, we are still mainly nursing, but now I can leave him with Grandma or Daddy or whoever for a little while if necessary. Very handy. He has started smiling a little, but he is definitely a much more serious baby than Delaney was/is. We have to work hard for his smiles!!
  • Delaney is 14 months old this week and a little firecracker. The girl has attitude for sure. I hope and pray that we can direct and guide her spirited personality in the right direction. I'm sure God can use her in a great way!! She is a crazy kid. She got her top four teeth this month, so that has made for some crabby times, and she is, of course, a full-time walker. She climbs up anything she sees, loves to sing, loves to torture the cats, has perfected a fake laugh, cheeses for the camera, gets into all the stuff she shouldn't, loves just about everyone she meets, and is in general a very busy and happy toddler. We are so thankful for her and the joy she brings to us every day.
  • We were able to go to Belleville last week and help out with a new church that has been planted there. It's about a three-hour trip one way, so we got a hotel room and spent the night. With two kiddos, we weren't sure if that would be the best idea ever, but they impressed us by being very good travelers, and very good sleepers in the hotel. It was great to see our old pastor and his wife, and support the new ministry they have been called to. It is always a blessing when a new church gets started in Canada -- they need them so badly!! (P.S. The very good traveling is not always the case. One or both of them have been known to scream/screech loudly on much shorter trips....)
  • James is on vacation, and then parental leave, starting September 26. He doesn't have to go back to work then until February 2012. Gotta love that little benefit of living in Canada. Of course, I am still on extended maternity leave -- the hospital is holding my job for me, but I'm about 99.5% sure I won't be going back. We have already started a list of things we need to buy and get done while James is on leave. Now if we just had unlimited funds.... ;)
  • I'm having a baby shower tonight!! The ladies from our church are throwing it, and I am sure Callum will be blessed with lots of wonderful things. We are so thankful for our church family!! They really pitched in when Callum was born. Many offered to come help me out (c-sections are NOT fun!!), many brought meals and gifts, and all were a great encouragement to us.
  • Speaking of c-sections, it has been almost eight weeks and my incision has yet to fully heal. I don't even know what the problem is. When I had Delaney, I never even gave my incision a single thought. This time, it has been such a pain in my behind. I really don't know what the difference is -- maybe second surgery in a year, maybe staples instead of sutures, maybe different surgeon, maybe me doing too much after the surgery... Not sure, but the doctor doesn't like it and she thinks I should take an antibiotic in case it is infected. I filled the prescription, but I haven't taken any yet. I did a little research, and have found conflicting reports about whether it is safe to take while breastfeeding. Also, I am scared to death of getting thrush again, and I know taking antibiotics can really contribute to that by killing all the bacteria, good and bad. Then again, I know my incision doesn't look right. What to do, what to do....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

one month old

My little dude turns one month old today. Almost seems impossible, but after having one, I know how quickly the time can fly. Soon he'll be sprouting teeth, running, and throwing temper tantrums just like his big sister. Yeah, can't wait for that last one. :) :) Someone around here has been exerting her will and testing limits quite.a.lot these days. I'm pretty sure she will be my, shall we say, parenting challenge. Let's hope Callum stays his mellow little self. Here are recent pix of my babies....

Monday, August 15, 2011

on this day in 2010...

My facebook status this time last year -- "Melissa is a little sad that Delaney is growing out of her newborn size clothing. Sniff sniff. :) :)"

My, how things have changed. I have another babe currently IN newborn size clothing, and not really looking to outgrow them anytime soon. Delaney, on the other hand, is a little bruiser and outgrowing things left and right. How different my world is than just one year ago.

And I like it. :) :)